Monday, 26 May 2014

Worldskills challenge + other stuff

First up, haven't been posting because Uni's a lot of work. Also read some books which made me scrap some ideas. A book on the venetian empire, world trade and other sea going activities are going to be interesting, Plagues and People, which is a very different and interesting take on history. Currently reading is the evolutionary world, some different points such as a reason to think a more centralized and regulated government might happen, and a few others.

I'm part of the new world-skills water innovation challenge. I'm not going to the competition, I'm just in the pit team helping to design the system.

One of the things I did was have a meeting with an RMIT researcher (Aidyn Mouradov) on phytoremediation, which is an interesting topic.

Anyway, heres two open access papers on the topic, specifically Duckweed and Azolla. Both are incredibly fast growing and versatile plants (compost, high protein livestock feed, fuel source, water purifiers, feed for bioplastic, etc)

Application of Aquatic Plants for the Treatment of Selenium-Rich Mining Wastewater and Production of Renewable Fuels and Petrochemicals

Dual application of duckweed and azolla plants for wastewater treatment and renewable fuels and petrochemicals production

Water Innovation Challenge
Water Innovation Challenge
Water Innovation Challenge

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