Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Future projects

There are two engineering projects I plan on doing at some point (likely Christmas holidays) that I will post about here because they relate to overshoot.

These projects are also resume things to show what I can do. E.g I'm going to try and make models from 4 different CAD programs (AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA and freeCAD) just to show I can definitively use CAD software.

Also if I do it write they'll provide a good, straightforward example of systems engineering and what I do.

Project 1: The Pi-container from the physical Internet

The basic idea is a series of standardized, modular containers that fits into the physical Internet structure.

So they can fit into any transport mode (barring horse drawn wagons and similar), have inbuilt tracking mechanisms, naturally lock together and be more sustainable compared to steel shipping containers.

Important points:
  • I'm going to partly copy cargoshell, the composite material and folding aspects, different shell
  • Have refrigerated versions, likely using heat pumps and inbuilt pipes (for when in huge stacks)
  • I'm doing an intro course on embedded systems next semester, so I can do all the electronics later
  • I'll look at adding universal attachment points for unique transport mode adapters, such as aerial rope-ways or helicopters
Project 2: Peak oil compatible military ship (or transition)

Most likely a small patrol ship than anything big. Importantly, not going to worry about sails for a variety of reasons (don't know enough, mess with weapons + easy to hurt, not yet ready for military application).

Importantly I'll look Li-air batteries along with other batteries compared to biogas or biodiesel in terms of ranger, price and maintenance. The choice of fuel will depend on the ship, likely whatever the pacific islanders can most easily provide.

For the electric ship, I'll probably do a basic design for floating solar panels that can be deployed and either extend to the range of the ship or reduce battery size.

Most of the design constraints/choices will depend if I chose a standard Australian patrol boat or the ones we give to the Pacific Islanders.

This is the project I can show of systems engineering in.

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